Product Development

Core factors for successful Product Development and projects


  • By being innovative and offering innovative products and services, FAAB will stay competitive in the market.
  • FAAB should be innovative at all product development aspects including, design engineering, process development, purchasing/SQA, market and sales, testing and prototypes.
  • R & D, patents etc are important part of the innovation work at Fuji Autotech.

Intersections between competences and areas of expertise

  • It is in the intersection of the different competences and areas of expertise that new ideas and innovation are created.
  • Global product development within the Fuji Kiko Group gives the possibility to share technologies and competences.
  • By working with partners FAAB could add new technology and competence to the product and additional value to the customer.
  • Work in multi-competence teams.

Multi-competence teams

  • A multi-competence team gather and intersect the different competences. It is in the intersection of the different competences new ideas and innovation are created. The competences does not necessary need to be connected to certain function. In the competence team the customer or an external competence could be included.

Interaction with the customer

  • FAAB develop personal and professional relations with the customer. We are aiming at establishing a broad contact network at each customer. We interact with purchasing, SQA, design engineering, ergonomics, HMI, styling etc. The interaction on a broad level is the key for understanding the customer expectations and requirements.

Visualization and prototypes

  • We want to achieve the best driving environment in the vehicle. Therefore it is very much about how the user perceive our products in the end user environment.
  • To be able to perceive our products during product development it Is most important to visualize and make prototypes for testing and evaluation.
  • We have our own prototype workshop and test lab to support these activities.

Flexible Product Development Process

  • FAAB Product Development process